Are the ACU’s and the IFF’s ratings fair?

There have been questions recently regarding two organizations that rate Idaho’s legislators and assign them a score, based on the votes they cast. Is it a fair measurement and is it fair to the legislators?

The task of the Supreme Court of the United States is to judge each law that comes before it as to whether it upholds the principles of our Constitution. … Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Dr. Jud Miller Announces State Senate Bid

For Immediate Release
March 13, 2020

Dr. Jud Miller Announces State Senate Bid
Retired physician seeks to represent Legislative District 35 in the Idaho State Senate

RIGBY, IDAHO – Today, Dr. Jud Miller of Rigby, Idaho, formally announced his candidacy to represent the people of Legislative District 35 in the Idaho State Senate. … Read More

Moderate or True Conservative?

How can you tell a moderate Republican from a truly conservative Republican?

There are two ways:

  1. For a candidate who has a voting record on the state level, go to
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Who Represents Your Values?

Dr. Miller


100% Pro-Second Amendment

100% Idaho Second Amendment Alliance; NRA Member

71% Pro-Second Amendment

NRA 2016,

100% Conservative

Solidly for conservative values as defined in the Idaho Constitution

45% (avg.) Fiscally Conservative

ACU – 2017 Positions 42%;
IFF – 2017 Positions 48%

100% Limited Government

Guided by principle rather than special interests or party leaders.

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Rexburg Standard Journal: Jud Miller runs for District 35 senate seat

Dr. Jud Miller, a Rigby resident and health practitioner for 31 years, is running for District 35 senate seat for the upcoming elections for Idaho Legislature.

“It wasn’t until after I retired a few years ago that I was able to look around. … Read More