Principles from ‘Overview of America’ by John McManus

  • America is the refuge of the world’s tired, hungry, and poor. Immigrants are rewarded for their initiative, hard work, and perseverance.
  • America is a place where dreams can become a reality. The American “experiment,” as it was called, recognized inalienable rights as God-given rights.
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Abortion vs. Right to Life

Since the advent of Roe versus Wade in 1973, there have been 61,628,584 abortions performed in the US; worldwide, since 1980, the number is 1,569,662,690 (growing by one per second). How did this happen and is it justified?

TFP Student Action, a student group that defends traditional moral values on college campuses, has the following seven arguments against the abortion dilemma:

Lie #1: A human fetus is not a person.
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