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Proposition 2 – Myths and Facts about Medicaid Expansion

There has been much false information disseminated in the public media regarding the Medicaid Expansion initiative (read: “Obamacare Expansion”) on the ballot in November:

MYTH 1: Medicaid expansion will actually save the taxpayer money.

FACT: The Foundation for Government Accountability tells the opposite story. … Read More

Moderate or True Conservative?

How can you tell a moderate Republican from a truly conservative Republican?

There are two ways:

  1. For a candidate who has a voting record on the state level, go to
 … Read More

Who Represents Your Values?

Dr. Miller


100% Pro-Second Amendment

100% Idaho Second Amendment Alliance; NRA Member

71% Pro-Second Amendment

NRA 2016,

100% Conservative

Solidly for conservative values as defined in the Idaho Constitution

45% (avg.) Fiscally Conservative

ACU – 2017 Positions 42%;
IFF – 2017 Positions 48%

100% Limited Government

Guided by principle rather than special interests or party leaders.

 … Read More

Rexburg Standard Journal: Jud Miller runs for District 35 senate seat

Dr. Jud Miller, a Rigby resident and health practitioner for 31 years, is running for District 35 senate seat for the upcoming elections for Idaho Legislature.

“It wasn’t until after I retired a few years ago that I was able to look around. … Read More